Take Back Your Lunch Break

A proper lunch break is a dying art. Even here in New Orleans, it seems that more and more people are choosing a solo desk sandwich over real food, real people and real conversation. And look, we get it. You’re busy. Sometimes, working through lunch is a necessary evil. But we’re here to implore that—every now and then—you step out of the office. Do something you’ll enjoy. Take back your lunch break. (The emails will still be there when you get back, we promise.)


The Cut

As you might imagine, we propose you start with a good haircut. Fortunately, we know some guys who can help with that—and walk-ins are always welcome at the Parker. We’ll fix you up with something to drink, something to read, and someone to talk to who definitely won’t be assaulting you with questions about that spreadsheet you slaved over all morning. Most importantly, we promise to get your look right—whether that means giving you something new or just not messing up what you’ve already got going on. The way we see it, you need a haircut anyway. Might as well use your lunch break to check something off your to-do list, especially if you can have a good time doing it.


The Meal

There’s nothing wrong with having a sandwich couriered to you by bike (saves time) or hitting a salad bar (keeps you healthy). But every now and then, you need a real lunch. You know, the kind that slows you down and fills you up. As luck would have it, grabbing a cut at our Warehouse District location positions you right in between plenty of places where you can do just that.

Just across the Ace Hotel lobby from us, you’ll find Josephine Estelle, where you can never go wrong with their house-made pasta or excellent burger. A few doors over, you can step into Seaworthy for some fresh seafood eats—or head down the block to Balise for some memorable port city fare.


The Linger

The thing about eating a real meal the middle of the day is that it’s admittedly hard to force yourself to return to your desk. In our experience, tacking on just one more activity soothes the transition. If it matters, we don’t think your boss will notice the extra fifteen minutes—but don’t hold us to it.

Drop into block favorites DNO or Friend to consider making some zero-regret purchases. Alternately, hop on the elevator in the Ace lobby and head up to Alto, the rooftop bar and pool. Warning: the poolside vibes might prevent you from returning to work, and at least one major CBD office building has prime views of the roof.


Assuming you manage to drag yourself away, make your last stop Stumptown Coffee for a necessary jolt of high-quality caffeine. It does an ace job of fighting the 3 o’clock slump—though in our experience, so does a midday escape.

Give it a try. You’ll see.